Slim School


"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Welcome to Mike Watermans' Photos from Slim School and the Cameron Highlands

Mike was not a pupil at Slim but his family were friends of the late Major Tom Jordan who was the Headmaster from 1959 to 1961. I would like to thank Mike for these photo's and I trust that you will enjoy them.

Amahs & school view-1960.

Head Master House 1-1960

  • Head Master House 2-1960

  • School from Headmasters house-1960

  • Tana Rata 1960

  • Tana Rata 2012.

  • Nissan Hut Hotel 2012

  • Ex-BMH. Now a convent 2012.

  • View from BMH (Convent).

  • School from playing field area 2012.

  • View of Top Quad 2012.

  • Another View of Top Quad 2012.

  • View of Assembly Hall 2012.

  • View from School 2012.

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