"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Welcome to Valerie Ann Puddy's Pictures & Video of Slim.

My thanks to Valerie for making these Photos and Videos available to me to share with you.

Some information on the videos. These videos are close to 50 years old. They were originally in 8mm format. Later they were transfered to VHS tape and now have been converted to data. Obviously due to their age and the multiple conversions the quality has deteriated somewhat, nevertheless, they are an opportunity to re-visit the past. Also to reduce the file size I have had to convert them to .avi format from .mov. The original sizes were 181 megs and 388 megs which would have overloaded our server. The new sizes are 31 megs and 14 megs and will still take a while to download.

  • Video from 1962 era. Right click to download

  • Notes on the above video. It opens with children on the bank up to the school and then we see a blond haired girl in the picture. This is Valerie Puddy before she went to Slim. Later we see the school sign with Maj Jordan as the Headmaster. This then puts the video between 1959 & 1961. Later there is footage of the Smoke House and again we see Valerie and family. This is followed by a view of a native village and then to what looks like All Souls Church before the brick front was built. Valerie can be seen walking through the shot in a white dress. There is also a teacher in a grey suite with his hands behind his back and my instinct tells me this is Ted Harrison. Just a guess from his stance. The remainder is self explanatary. The videos can also be viewed at YouTube. Click here to view.

  • Video from 1963 era. Rightclick to download

  • Notes on the video.There is a slight delay before the video starts with a view of All Souls Church but now it has a brick facade built in early 1963. Pupils then file into church. The adult with the bald head might be Mr Pope the Headmaster? Next we see the playing fields in Tana Rata. Then we see Valerie and family. Next we see the new dam which is still under construction. The people in the spill-way are Valerie Puddy, Ray Puddy and Carol Myatt who were also at the school. The video ends with scenes from Robinson Falls. The video can also be viewed at YouTube. The video can also be viewed at YouTube. Here is the link Click here to view.

  • View of school in 2011.

  • Rusty water at the Rock Pool 2011.

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