"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Reg Thompson's Photos from Slim. 1956 to 1958.

My thanks to Reg for making these Photos available to me, so that I could share them with everyone.

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Mini Reunion at Avoca Beach NSW Australia 2012

Reg Thompson 1956-58.

Art and Craft show.

Confirmation Group 1956-58.

Camera Club 1956-58.

Frank Simpson & Mary Sinclair 1956 - 58.

Frank Simpson.


Jim Rennie and 2 others.

Jim Rennie, Frank Simpson, John Cowman, Reg Thompson & John Inman 1956-58.

Jim Rennie, Reg Thompson & others with Matchless motor bike.

Matchless Stuck in mud 1956-58.

Reg Thompson on Matchless 1956-58

Motor Maintainance Shop Slim School 1956-58.

Lionel English, Brian Ventree, Graham Lourigan, Reg Thompson & Michael Cutting in Boys dorm 1956-58. (Updated 29th Aug 2012).

Marilyn Symes 1956-58

Mary Sinclair 1956-58.

P Edwards, Col Pryde, Reg Thompson, D. Pollhill Slim School 1956-58.

Pamela Kelly & friends. 1956-58

Rear View of Slim School 1956-58

Reg & Soccer Team Mate 1956-58.

Reg Thompson & friends 1956-58

Reg Thompson & more friends 1956-58

Soccer Team Slim School 1956-58.

Sports Day.

Student Group 1 on walk round Golf Course Slim School 1956-58.

Student in boys dorm. Arnold Harris. updated 4th Oct 2012.

Form photo.

Unknown Hero 2 Dormitory Slim School 1956-58

Unknown Hero in Dormitory Slim School 1956-58.

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