Slim School 


"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Welcome to Shirley Baxters' "(now Sigrid de Jong)" 

Photos from Slim School 1957 to 1959.

I would like to thank Sigrid for sharing these pictures with us. Any problems please email 

David Wilmot at

01: Shirley Baxter.

02: Shirley Baxter and Norma Turner.

03: Gillian Withey Norma Turner and Shirley Baxter.

04: Annette Jones, Norma Turner, Emily Addems, Betty Hunter, Carmel Saxon, Margo Turner and ??

05: Sue Robertson, Dawn Atter, Desiree Weller, Norma Turner..

06: Carmel Saxon's sister and ?

07:Dawn Atter and Sue Robertson.

08:Eileen Woods.

09:Gillian Withey before.

10:Gillian Withey after. (all is not lost even an old photo can be improved a bit)

11: Gillian Withey, Norma Turner and Shirley Baxter.

12:Margaret Morrison.

13:Margaret Turner.

14:Norma Turner 01.

15:Norma Turner 02.

16:Norma Turner 03.

17:Norma Turner 04.

18:Norma Turner and Gillian Withey.

19:Pat Hamlett.

20:Shirley Jones on bank.

21:Shirley Jones.

22:Sue Robertson and Dawn Atter.

24:Sue Robertson.


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