Slim School 


"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Welcome to Robin Harris's Photos from Slim School
1958 to 1960.

I would like to thank Robin for these photos and I trust that you will enjoy them. Some of the photo's are showing their age and are not of the best quality and a few are missing names. I have also given each photo a number to aid in identifying the photo. Any problems or if you can identify any un-named individuals please let me know.
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New Additions 20th May 2015.

66. Peter Pagen and Mike Pudney.

67 Robin In Jack Tuckers car.

68. Who? at Parit falls.

69. Chris Greenberry.

70. Stu Baker and Manfred Eccles homework at Hoptoun.

71. Robin Harris in dorm at Hoptoun.

72. Who? Near Golf Course.jpg

73. Robin Harris, David Wilmot, Stuart Baker, Gunther Thorweston, Other names please.

74. Robin Harris saving the day.

75. Brian McDonald DofE holiday trip.

76. DofE holiday trip duck oven in foreground.

77. DofE holiday trip Peter and Stu plucking Ducks.

78. DofE holiday trip, Stu Baker cooks.

79. DofE holiday trip Peter Pagen and Duck.

80. DofE holiday trip Robin Harris and WHO?

81. Jack Tucker, Brian Macdonald, Peter Pagen with some juniors.

82. Robin Harris and Pauline Eldridge with champion house shield.

83. Robin Harris prize giving 1960 from Maj Gen Robertson.

01: Austin 7 restoration. Sign reads "engine re bored, new piston rings fitted"

02: Austin 7 restoration. Jack Tuckers Jaguar XK120 in background.

03: Jack Tucker working on Austin 7.

04: Brian MacDonald enjoying a drink.

05: Brian MacDonald playing piano.

06: Brian MacDonald, Robin Harris, Dr Mike Lavine, John Hird, Pat Corker.

07: David Wilmot, Manfred Eccles, Stuart Baker, Peter Pagan.

08: David Wilmot, Manfred Eccles, Stuart Baker, Peter Pagan.

09: Group of boys.

10: Group of girls.

11: Group with Land Rover.

12: Group with Land Rover.

13: Gunther Thorweston, Stu Baker.

14: Half way up Gunong Lumut.

15: Hopetoun sign.

16: Jack Tucker.

17: Jack Tucker having a rest on jungle expedition.

18: Jack Tucker and Peter Drury.

19: Jack Tucker, Neil Brewer, Gunther Thorweston, Stuart Baker.

20: Frank Turner.

21: Jungle bashing.

22: Katherine Hepburn, Gunther Thorweston original damaged photo.

23: Partially restored photo of Katherine Hepburn, Gunther Thorweston.

24: Ken Corker Robin Harris's Dad Capt Hennesey.

25: Ken Corker Stuart Baker Peter Pagan.

26: Major Jordon, Robin Harris's Father Jack Tucker.

27: Major Jordon. Headmaster.

28 Manfred Eccles in jungle kit.

29: Mrs Hird. Teacher

30: Neil Brewer.

31: Neil Brewer, Stuart Baker, Robin Harris, Gunther Thorweston.

New additions 16th November 2014.

32 Pete Harris.

33 Pete Harris.

34 Peter Drury maybe?

35 Peter Pagan, Stuart Baker, Robin Harris.

36 Ray Gourley.

37 Robin Harris.

38 Robin Harris, Gunther Thorweston.

39 Robin Harris, Peter Scriven.

40 Robin Harris in jungle gear.

41 School sign.

42 Slim School 1960.

43 Stuart Baker in school uniform.

44 Stuart Baker in goal.

45 Stuart Baker, Gunther Thorweston.

46 Stuart Baker, Gunther Thorweston, Robin Harris, Neil Brewer eating sugar cane.

47 Stuart Baker, Gunther Thoweston in jungle.

48 Stuart Baker, Neil Brewer, Robin Harris, Gunther Thorweston in jungle.

49 Stuart Baker, Neil Brewer.

50 Ted Harrison, Tony Strickland and 2 unknown pupils at swimming pool.

There is no photo 51

52 Ted Harrison in the swim..

53 Ted Harrison, Pip Baker with Scout troop.

54 View of Top quad.

55 Unknown jungle basher.

56 Unknown brewing up.

57 2 Unknown by 3 tonner.

58 Unknown girl pupil.

59 Unknown and John Dwyer.

60 Tony Strickland about to dive at pool.

61 Unknown Gurkha pupils.

62 Unknown pupils in dining room.

63 2 more unknown pupils.

64 View from Gunong Lumut.

65 View of school.

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