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"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Ray Tynemouths' Photos from Slim.

My thanks to Neil Tynemouth (son of Ray Tynemouth) for making these Photos available to me, so that I could share them with everyone.

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Video Added 8th June 2020

Video of school activities circa 1963/64.


See New Photos added Feb 2017. Scroll down page

Ray and son Barrie.

Ray and Barrie at Tanglin.

Art room.

Barang Man, Ray Tynemouth, Betty Roberts.

Betty Roberts Fancy Dress.

Betty Roberts & Neil Tynemouth.


Christening cake, Birthday cake, school closing 1.

Christening cake, Birthday cake, school closing 2.

Christening cake, Birthday cake, school closing 3.

Christening cake, Birthday cake, school closing 4.

Fancy dress party 1.

Fancy dress party 2.

Fancy dress party 3.

Fancy Dress Party 4.

Fancy Dress Party 5.

Fancy Dress Party 6.

From Russia With Love cinema ticket.

Hangi Maori 1.jpg

Hangi Maori 2.jpg

Hangi Maori 3.jpg

Mr Merchant and others at Hangi Maori 4.jpg

Mr Merchant at Hangi Maori 5.jpg

Hangi Maori 6.jpg

Hangi Maori 7.jpg

New Zealand soldiers at Hangi Maori 8.jpg

Hockey 1.

Hockey 2.

Jo Glozier.

Katbrine Villa Squash court.

Ray Tynemouth in goal.

Ray Tynemouth making a save.

Ray Tynemouth, Rod Pascoe, Jo Glozier and Anne Shallows.

Rod Pascoe.

School Group Photo. circa 1963

School play 1.

School play 2.

View of top quad at School.

Ray Tynemouth's MG 1100, Maryanne Griffiths, Neil & Barrie Tynemouth.

View from Tanglin.

Perhaps Clooney Lodge.

View toward perhaps Clooney Lodge.

New Photos added February 2017

Group of pupils 01 names please

Group of pupils 02. names please

Group of pupils 03 At school social. names please

Group of pupils 04 By bus. names please

Group of pupils with Barrie Tynemouth.. names please

Ray Tynemouth , Margaret and Ted Jones and Thelma Tynemouth at Easter Social.

School Christmas Card 01.

School Christmas card 02.

Thelma and Barrie Tynemouth and Miss Griffith-Jones.

Thelma & Barrie Tynemouth with Chief of Police..

Christmas Dinner 1964 Menu.

Ghurka Pupils.circa 1963.

Barrie Tynemouth with Ghurka pupil in top quad.

Barrie Tynemouth with Ghurka.

George & Vera Stockdale.

Thelma Tynemouth, Miss Griffith-Jones and Barrie Tynemouth.

Fancy Dress Liz & John.

The following photos show that the teachers had a life outside of school and others are of general interest.

Staff Social 01 Jill Pascoe, Betty Roberts..

Staff Social 02 John, Rod Pascoe.

Staff Social 03 Pauline and Warren Pope.

Staff Social 04 Mrs Simpson xx Betty Roberts.

Staff Social 05.

Staff Social 06.

Staff Social 07.

Staff Social 08.

Staff Social 09.

Staff Social 10 xx Tony, Betty Roberts.

Barrie Tynemouth and Ray Tynemouths MG.

Chefoo School 1963.

Chefoo 2015. Hardly seems to have changed.

Chefoo front gate circa 1963.

Chefoo front gate circa2015.

Chefoo 03 Barrie Tynemouth.

Golf club car park.


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