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Welcome to Warren Popes Photos from Slim School.


These photos are from Warren Pope who sent them to Sue Burroughs.

I would like to thank Sue and Warren Pope for making these photos available to me to use and I trust that you will enjoy them. There are a few names missing so if anyone can help out please email me.

Image 01
Paul Marsh & Marie Walker Xmas Social 1964.

Image 02
Mr Marchant, Peter Gordon, Karen Goudre.

  • Image 03
    Roy King, Annette ?.

  • Image 04
    Rebecca Southwarton, Chris West, Karen Goudre, Caroll Myatt.

  • Image 05
    Cherry Singleton, Freda Bailey, Susan Burroughs,Sigrid Klein, Ailia Johnston, Dianne Pearson.

  • Image 11
    Michael Hickmott, Susan Davison, Stephen Nicholas, Carol Binder, Tony Davison, Robert Davison, Linda Cresswell.

  • Image 14
    Karen Goudre, Gaby Kemerrac, Patrice Walsh

  • Image 16
    Peter Jordon, Zandre Goudre, Gaby Kemerrec, Karen Goudre, Carroll Myatt, Carol Davison, David Hickmott, Ray Puddy, Coleman Riley.

  • Image 17
    Jean Anderson, Valerie Puddy, Nicola Bullen, Angeline Heague, Stephen Nicholas, Betty Gordon, Marie Walker.

  • Image 19
    Paul Binder, Leslie Bean, John Shaw, Gaby Kemerrac.

  • Image 21
    More names missing

  • Image 27
    Another No names

  • Image 28
    Teresa Smith, Robert Holmes, Mike Cowley, Mike Davey, Marilyn Webb, Koumati, Linda Moir, Ann Gordon, Susan Burroughs, Stephen Carder, Kornelia Newman, Angeline Heague, Patrice Walsh, Leslie Bean, Marie Walker, Betty Gordon, Jennifer Trakearn, Judy Cresswell.

  • Image 29
    No names.

  • Image 30
    Jean Minter, Marilyn Webb, Judy Cresswell, Lindo Moir, Ann Gordon, Susan Burroughs, Paul Nicholas, Eric Davies, Gaby Kemerrac, Ray Puddy, Coleman Riley.

  • Image 31
    Xmas Social 5th Dec 1964. Linda Creswell, Jean Minter, Marion Capp, Sigrid Klein, Jean Anderson.

  • Image 32
    Xmas Social 5th Dec 1964. John Scurr, Peter Brown, Harald Fisher, Alan Hooper.

  • Image 33
    Xmas Social 5th Dec 1964. Cherry Singleton, Jennifer Trakearn, Denise Potts, Jean Hickmott, Angeline Heague, Dianne Gordon.

  • Image 34
    Staff Dec 1964. Betty, Thelma, John, Major Wotton, Andy

  • Image 35
    Xmas Social 5th Dec 1964. Ann Gordon, David Hickmott, Merilyn Webb, Kowmatti Subba, Jane Le Nevue.

  • Image 36
    Open Day??? Comments please

  • Image 37
    Advice on what function this is.

  • Image 38
    Linda Webb, Jean Anderson, Karen Goudre, Linda Moir, Susan Burroughs.

  • Image 39
    Speech Day 1963. Maureen West Head Girl, Paddy McGuire and Mrs Gould wife of CEO. Mrs Myryan Griffiths, Mr Don Glozier Dep Head, Mr Marchant, Headmaster.

    On route to church in upper quad.

  • View of Top Quad

  • Lower classrooms

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