(on the hill stands a light)

(picture courtesy of Eric Davies.)

This photo is the last group picture taken prior to the school closure in December 1964.
In picture from left to right. Back and second row down: Linda Moir, Stephen Ramsden, Jenny Trahearn, Paul Binder, Eliz Gordon, John Shaw. Karen Goudre, Stephen Nicholas, Peter Geary, Alan Sladeck, Michael Cowley, Gaby Kermarrec, Paul Nicholas, Robert Holmes, Tamang, Purna, Ray Puddy, Eric Davies, David Smith Jean Minter, David Carr, Judith Cresswell, Surja Thapa, Susan Burroughs, Michael Davey, Anne Gordon John Scurr, Kowmati, Paul Marsh, Kornelia Newman, Philip Hayden, Susan Davison, Ruduger Fisher, Siegrid Klein, Stephen Carder, Marie Walker, Rodney Sladek, Marion Capp, Terrance Smith, Teresa Smith, Terry Smith, Harold Fisher Linda Cresswell, David Hickmott, Carol Binder, Peter Brown, Jane LeNeveu, Robert Davey.
Third row down:
Peter Jordan, Merilyn Webb, Coleman Riley, Zandra Goudre, Mrs Stimpson, Mr Tynemouth, Miss Roach, Mr Pascoe, Miss Birt, ??, Mr Pope, (HM) Miss Roberts, Mr Griffiths, Miss Simpson, Mr Jones, Q Herbert, Trevor Holmes, Carol Davison, Chitra, Carol Myatt, Tony Davison.
Front Row
Patrice Walsh, Joe Turner, Linda Webb, Geoff Hasrdy, Denise Potts, Fred Rance, Angeline Heague, Ray Hoare, Val Puddy, Wolfgang Boden, Mich Hickmott, Jean Anderson, Stephen Rhodes, Lesley Bean, Mich Burns, Nichola Bullen, Allen Hooper, Jane Geary, Robert Simpson

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