"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Mike Say's 1954 to 55 Photos of Interest from Slim.

My thanks to Mike for making these Photos available. In many cases I have left names blank as we do not know them at present. If anyone can fill in the names please let me know. 

Any problems please  email me.

Keith Prothero on left.
Table tennis, Peter Tiley? and Mike Say.
Outside dorm, Mike Say & others
A ghostly image
Pupils at Tapah station
Sports Day vaulter.
Sports Day 2 vaulters
Sports Day pole carriers
Sports Day Gurkha vaulter.
Sports Day long jump.
Another jumper.
and another jumper.
Sports Day line up.
Sports day javelin thrower.
Sports Day mat work
Sports Day roll up.
Sports Day pyramid More mat work.
The Gurkha Boys.
Major Benn, Alistair Mckinnon? General Bourne.
Major & Mrs Benn & Gen Bourne
Bithday cakes (enlarge to read names).
Snake and tongs.
View of school from Hopetoun.
more dorm.
Dorm with some names (updated Apr 2012).
Michael & John White Taiping Stn.
Outside Frobisher.
Paul Sharples & Mike Say.
Mike Say & John White.
Keith Prothero & ?.
Mike Say Ann & keith Prothero plus adults?.
Brenda Baldwin.
Brenda Baldwin and ?
School players
Pyramid collapse
Prize giving.
Prize giving Paul Sharples.
Prize giving Alistair McKinnon.
Prize giving Kulraj
Prize giving Paul Sharples again.
Colonel Benn.
Building a basha Kulraj, Akalsing
More basha building
Completed basha
Sports day Katheleen Whittaker in doorway
Mike Say ext left, Alan Bamford, Tony Amos 2nd/3rd from right.
Teachers out of uniform..

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