Slim School 


"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Welcome to Sgt. Bill McPhee's Photos from Slim School 1956 to 1957.

I would like to thank Chris McPhee, Bill McPhee's son for these photos and I trust that you will enjoy them. We need help in identifying the individuals in the photos. If you can name anyone in the photos please email me at the email address below. I have also given each photo a number to aid in identifying the photo. In addition to the links below these photo's and many others from Malaya can be viewed at Christopher McPhee's flickr site at

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01: Road up to Hopetoun?

02: Road down to Tapah.

03: Native huts.

04: Convoy 3 ton trucks.

05: Convoy en route.

06: Convoy rest stop. Colin Pryde may be pupil on left in truck?

07: Convoy trucks and pupils.

08: RASC (Royal Army Service Corp)Truck depot in Tanah Rata.

09: Post office. Anyone know where?

10: Boys dormitories and washroom at Hopetoun.

11: Road up to school.

12: View of school.

13: School rooms.

14:Badmington top quad.

15: Top Quad.
Girl on left Pat Edmonds?

16: Football on playing field.

17: 3 Pupils. Names please.

18: School farm, Hopetoun in background.

19: View of school from above.

20: View of top quad.

21: Form photo.
Bob Cutting back row 3rd from left. Wendy Misfud front row far right. Other names please.Back 5 from left. Alexander Meredith. This photo will be tidied up when we have more names.

22:Group of girls.
Left Sonja Wilson, Dawn ? and Carmel Saxon.

23: Reader. Name please.

24:Reading group. Names please.

25:School Concert. The Fairy Queen.
Policeman Bernard Stringer, Girl with bucket: Judy Davis, Sitting:1st left,Maureen Andrews, 6th Wendy Misfud, 8th Marie Allen. Back row: 3rd from right, Pat Edmonds.Standing 1st from left, Bob Cutting, 4th from left Leonora Gurney. More names please.

26:Group of girls.
Wendy Misfud on left.Marie Allen on right. Kneeling front: Maureen Andrews. Middle row right: Eileen Murphy. More names please.

27:School secretary.

28: Boys badmington top quad.

29:Camerons View. Cameron Highlands hotel and ?.

30:Master's house, Hopetoun.

31:Nissan hut at Hopetoun.

32:Another view of Master's house at Hopetoun.

33:Boys Dorm Hopetoun.


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