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Mervyn Buckingham's Photos from Slim 1954 to 1955.

My thanks to Mervyn for making these photo's available to me, so that I could share them with everyone.

Any problems please let me know

1. Form R3. Mervyn Buckingham, Brian Poole, Anon, Martyn Hill. 

2. Chandra, John Benny and Brian Greenwood. 

3. Beaver Patrol 1955. Tim? Tim? Mervyn Buckingham, Chandra, Jogin and John Benny. 

4. School BBQ. (Names please)

5. School BBQ. Rear view of Roger Goose,with Keith Prothero minus shirt.

6. School BBQ. Sarah Parkes centre (more names please)

7. Mervyn Buckingham far right. (more names please)

8. Coffin by Smoke House.

9. Tapah Station. Keith Prothero, Peter Edwards.(more names please)

10. Local Flora.(any ideas for name)

11. Tapah Station and pupils.(more names please)

12. Major Benn, Alastair MacKinnon and General Bourne.

13. Mrs Benn, Major Benn, General Bourne and Mrs Bourne. 

14. Major Benn, Mrs Bourne, General Bourne at Prize giving.

15. Anne Whitburn and General Bourne.

16. Brian Poole 1955.

17. Martyn Hill 1955.

18. Mervyn Buckingham getting a haircut.

19. Peter X and  Martyn Hill gardening.(name please may be same as photo11)

20. Jogin and Mervyn Buckingham outside Drake.

21. Mr. James Clelland. Math teacher.

22. Gym Display 1954.

23. Gym Display vault 1954.

24. Gym display pyramid 1954.

25. Chandra, Gym Display 1954.

26. Akal, Gym Display 1954.

27. Kulraj, Gym Display 1954.

28. Gym Display 1954. Jones and Mr Fielding.

29. Gym Display 1954.

30. Prefects. MacKinnon, Bamford,x x x James Priest and x.(more names please)

31. Drake dorm 1955 Keith Prothero. (more names please)

32. Drake dorm 1955 unknowns.(names please)

33. Drake dorm 1955 unknowns.(names please)

34. Mr. Fielding, Kulraj and Akal 1955.

35. Jogin, anon and Kulraj.(name please)

36. Choir Party 1955.(names please)

37. Choir Party 1955.(more names please)

38. Choir Party 1954. Mr. Fielding centre. (more names please)

39. Choir Party 1954. (more names please)

40.Teacher R.A.E.C. Sgts. Wilby, Alpin and Arnold leaving 1954.

41. Sports Day 1955.

42. Sports Day 1955. Girls 3 legged race.  

43. Sports Day 1955. Girls obstacle course.

44. Sports Day 1955 Akal discus throw.

45. Sports day 1955. Mr Battye and Brenda Baldwin.

46. Sports Day 1955 Keith (Bunny) Rabbets shot putt.

47. Sports Day 1966 Alan Bamford long jump.

48. School v Change of Air. Alastair MacKinnon in goal James Clelland defending.

49. Soccer 1954 Slim v Change of Air.

50. Mervyn Buckingham.

51. Mervyn's Memories of Slim. (Windows docx file)


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