"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Welcome to Margo Turner's Photos from Slim.

I would like to thank Margo for supplying the following photo's and I trust that you will enjoy them.

Claudette & Dessaray. 

Guides Photo #1  

Guides Photo #2  

Guides Photo #3 

Guides Photo #4  

Sandra Wingle.  

Tina Brewer. Veronica Crompton. 

Photo 1 1958. 

Photo 2 1958  

Photo 3 1958  

Photo 4 1958  

Margo & Friends.1958  

Carol Windsley.  

Gillian Withey.

 Irene ?  

Lynn Rolfe & broken arm.  

Michelle Copley-Clarke.  

Betty Hunter.  

Betty, Emily, 

Ted Harrison & Roger Brant.  

Dawn & Sandra.  

Jeanette & Sheila.  

Kay & Irene.  

Margo & Christine.  

Sandra & Wendy.  

Sonja & Miss Lane.  

Assembly in school Hall.

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