Slim School


"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Welcome to Gill Loney's Photos from Slim 1953 to 1954.


I would like to thank Gill for making these photos available to me to use and I trust that you will enjoy them. If you can identify anyone not named please let me know.  

1. Gill Loney and Punch

2. Alan Bamford, Joyce Leigh, Anne Burnette and Mike Sharp.

3. Anne X?, Marion Perrett,  Sally Wade and Doreen X?.

4. Annette Hobbs.

5. Joyce Leigh Ballet dancer.

6. Dorothy Sawden and Anne Graham.

7. Dorothy Sawden.

8. Farm from dorm window.

9. Felicity Blunt.

10. Gill Loney circa 1952.

11. Cold bath for birthday.

12. Comic Football Christmas 1953.

13. Comic Football Christmas 1953.

14. Comic Football Christmas 1953.

15. Comic Football Christmas 1953

16. Joyce Leigh.

17. Judy Hodson.

18. Judy Hodson,  Marjorie X? Maureen Buckingham? (updated 17th Nov 2017)

19. Lawrence Gray, Dorothy Sawden and Mr Wilby.

20. Lesley Fletcher..

21. Monica Wilson.

22. Mr Clelland and Monica Wilson.

23. Mr Ferrie.

24. Mr Fielding.

25. Mr Gailer and Mrs Harper.

26. Mrs Bleakley, Brutus and Mrs Oakley 01.jpg

27. Mrs Bleakley, Brutus and Mrs Oakley.

28. Dorothy Teece, Penny Jacobs and Mavis or Maeve Henderson? (updated 17 Nov 2017)

29. Pat Auten.

30. Sally Wade and the Guide.

31. Sgt Alpin and Dorothy Sawden.

32. Kevin Benn, Sgts Wilby, Alpin, Arnold RAEC departing.

33. Sgts Wilby, Alpin, Arnold RAEC.

34. Monica Wilson, Mr. Fielding, Jill Herbert, Maureen Herbert, Felicity Blunt and Anne Whitburn.

35. Janice X?

36. Jill X? and Maureen X?

37. Joyce Leigh.

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