Slim School

Stat Lux In Monte

"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Leanora (Lennie) Gurneys Photos from Slim.

My thanks to Lennie for making these Photos available to me, so that I could share them with everyone.

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Pat Edmonds and mother 1956. added March 2014

Sports Day 1956. added March 2014

Group photo 1956. added March 2014

Pat Edmonds 1956. added March 2014

Pat Edmonds and Lennie 1956.Added Jan 2014.

Lennie & A N Other.

Lennie & monkey.

Nicki, Ross & Shirley.

Kathy Whittaker

Teachers McFee, Cook & Barton

Nicki, Ross, Shirley & Cook

Assembly Hall

A N Other & Lennie


Major Stokes

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