"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Welcome to Keith Halley's Photos from Slim.

My thanks to Keith for sharing his photos with us.

Ready for jungle bashing.
Akalsing Thapa & Kulraj Limbu.
Graham Sutton & Roger Goose.
A N Other & Keith Haley.
Hazel Parker & Tony Amos.
In Transit en route to School.
RAASC School Transport.
School Transport.
School "coffin" Transport.
School convoy.
School Fire Truck & Fiat car.
Gunong Berinchan.
Rock Pool 1955.
Sixth formers at Rock Pool.
Malay Police.
School B B Q.
School Farm.
School Sign.
Scouts & Guides on Parade.
Soccer Match.
Sub Prefects Dorm at Hopetoun..
Dorms at Hopetoun.
Teachers Residence at Hopetoun.

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