"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Welcome to Frank Houghton's Photos from Slim 1959 to 1962.

My thanks to Frank for making these photos available to share with Slimmers. Any problems please contact me at If anyone can help identify any pupils please let me have the photo number and the names of the individuals and I will add the information to the photo. Thanks.

Note: There are no photos 1 to 9.

10. Waiting for the Train Frank Houghton
11. Still Waitingfor the train at Kluang Station.
12. Frank Houghton, Pam Swift & Parents.
13. Kluang Station.
14. The 10.45 to KL.
15. Looking for a seat Frank Houghton.
16. Checked in by the Teachers,Ted Harrison & Nikki
17. View of Cameron Highlands.
18. Slim School Boys Dorms. (name please)
19. Slim School pupil.(name please)
20. Ted Harrison Art Master Slim School.

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