Slim School


"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Welcome to Lesley Fletcher's Photos from Slim School. 1953 to 1954.

I would like to thank Lesley for these photos and I trust that you will enjoy them.

1. Lesley Fletcher.

2. Rob McLellan.

3. Jill Herbert and Monica Wilson.

4. The Choir.

5. Form Photo.

6. Birthday Party. (names please if anyone knows)

7. Gymnastics display top quad.

8. Lesley Fletcher and Manfred ???.

9. Jimmy Bilton.

10. Rob McLellen. Och aye...

11. Alistair McKinnon.(taken in KL)

12. Party group. (names please in anyone knows).updated 26th Aug.

13. Ann Whitburn and Maureen Herbert.

14. Flag raising. Girl Guides.

15. Group Photo on steps. Updated 28th Aug 2012.

16. Ann Prothero.

17. Valerie Fletcher.

18. Gwenneth Thomas and brother at Batu Caves.

19. Hazel Sawden and ????. (name please).

20. Maj. and Mrs Benn.

21. Sports Day. Tanah Rata.

22. Alistair McKinnon and truck.

23. Group photo. Updated 28 Aug 2012.

24. Bungalow on stilts.

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