Slim School


"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Welcome to Allan Falconer's Photos from Slim 1959 to 1960.


I would like to thank Allan for making these photos available to me to use and I trust that you will enjoy them. 

Tony Webb, Curley Shields and Allan Falconer.

Pupils Michael Hutchinson, Pip Baker, Nick Orbell, Unknown and John Anderson.

Pam Swift 01.

Pam Swift 02.

Cliff Addams 01.

Cliff Addams 02.

Clothes check begining of term.

Curley Shields.

Hopetoun Dorms 01.

Hopetoun Dorms 02.

Hopetoun Dorms 03.

John Anderson and Chris Greenberry.

John Anderson.

John Cox outside Raleigh dorm.

John Riley.

John Riley, Curley Shields, Jon Cossin and Tony Webb.

Robert Hahn aka Flattop.

Rock Pool.

Scout and Cub camp.

Tony Webb at Hopetoun.

Michael Hutchins.

Tony Webb, Alan Knowles and Robert McLean.

The Highlander December 1960 in PDF format. Click to download.

Speech Day July 1961 in PDF format. Click to download.

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