"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

David Briggs' Photos of Slim 1951 to 1953.

My thanks to David for making these photos available so that I could share them with everyone.


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1:Can anyone identify??

2:David Briggs and fencing club members.

3:Alan Bamford.

4:Brenda Baldwin.

5:David Briggs in front of Cameron Highlands Hotel.

6:David Briggs high jump. Mr Jones supervising.

7:David Briggs failed high jump attempt.

8:Alan Bamford.

9: Gang Show cast.

10: David Briggs in armoured car.

11: Convoy and pupils.

12: Convoy escort vehicle.

13: The Walker brothers.

14: Gordon Highlanders escort.

15 School farm 1951.

16: Orang Asli.

17: RASC servicemen and local at Tanah Rata padang.

18: Tangjongmalin station 1951.

David Briggs Returns to Slim in 2005.

These photos were taken during a 2005 visit to the school. Also bear in mind references made reflect how the school was laid out in 1951. My thanks to David for making these photo's available to me, so that I could share them with everyone.

Word document giving full explanation of photos below.

01:Entrance Sign.

02. Driveway View

03. Heads House.

04. Boys Dormitory pre Hopetoun.

05. Girls Dormitory.

06. Classroom - Girls End.

07. Nissen Huts- Original Classrooms.

08. Lunch.

09. Main Hall.

10. Farm now Rifle Range.

11. Sports Field.

12. Front.

13. Good Bye Slim School.

14. Parit Falls.

15. Smoke House.

16. Farewell Dinner in Smoke House.


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