"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Chris Brewer's Photos from Slim. 1955/56.

My thanks to Chris for making these Photos available to me, so that I could share them with everyone.

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Chris Brewer and paper plane. 

Chris Brewer pre flight. 

Netball court at playing field. 

Soccer pitch. 

Assembly Hall. 

Spectators at playing field. 

Teachers v pupils hockey match. 

Hockey players.

Chris Brewer off to Slim.  

Chicken Project.  

Dining Hall 01.  

Dining Hall 02.  

Dining Hall 03.  

Helicopter on playing field at school.  

Helicopter being repaired on playing field.  

Staff v Pupils Hockey match 1.  

Staff v Pupils Hockey match 2.  

Mr Battye at Staff v Pupils Hockey match. 

Staff v Pupils Hockey match 5.  

Staff v Pupils Hockey match 6.  

Chris Brewer by school sign.  

Chris Brewer and friend.  

Chris with presents.  

Chris at school.  

Any Name??? in hockey mode.  

View near school.  

Social function at school.  

View of school  

Assembly Hall.  

School view.  

Class rooms exterior.  

School farm.  

Smoke House Hotel.  

Stream to Rock Pool.  

School Train.  

Chris and his Father.

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