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Welcome to Bob Byrnes' Slim 1958 to 1960 Photos from Slim.

I would like to thank Bob for giving me access to these photo's and I trust that you will enjoy them.

1. View of School.  

2. Pagan,Thorweston, Byrne & Meredith.  

3. The Landrover Project.  

4. Top Table in Dining Room.  

5. The Girls on Brian Macdonald's Triumph.  

6. Assault Course Demonstration.  

7. Group picture.  

8. Bob Byrne at home.  

9. Hopetoun in the Clouds.  

10. View of Top Quad.  

11. On the Beach.  

12.Penny Clifton Outward bound.  

 13. Penny & Bob.  

14. Robinson Falls.  

15. Colin Pride & Bob Byrne.  

16. Bob & Sister in Tea plantation.   

17.Bob & Mrs. Baker.(Stuart & Pip Bakers mother)

New additions. December 2017

18.Bob & his Mother circa 1960.  

19.Frieda Byrne at home in Ipoh  

20.Roger Brant at Rock Pool circa 1960.  

Photos of Bob's return visit to Slim in 1992

21.All Souls Church 1992.  

22.Side of All Souls Church 1992  

23.Rear of All Souls Church 1992.  

24.Road to Hopetoun 01 1992.  

25.Road to Hopetoun 02 1992.  

26.Hopetoun minus dorms (nissen huts) 1992.  

27.Main entrance to Slim school 1992.  

28.Upper quad from Mundells Villa 1992.  

29.View of school from Tanglin Flats 1992.jpg  

30.View of School 01 1992.  

31.View of School 02 1992.  

32.View of School 03 1992.  

33.View of School 04 1992.  

34.View of School from playing field 1992.  

35.Golf course 01 1992.  

36.Golf course 02 1992.  

37.Golf course 03 1992.  

38.Golf course 04 1992.  

39.Golf course 05 1992.  

40.Rock Pool 1992.  

41.On the way to Rock Pool 1992.  

42.Jungle view near Rock Pool 1992.  

43.Main entrance Station Lines 3 Coy RASC 1992.  

44.Station Lines 01 1992.  

45.Station Lines 02 1992.  

46.Brinchang mountain view 1992.  

47.Cameron Highlands Hotel 1992.  

48.Door to drying room. 

(This is the old door from drying room and is now located at the back of the small red building in photo # 49)

49.Entrance to Hopetoun now called Arakadia House.  

50.Smoke House 1992.  

51.May be Boh Tea Plantation 1992.  

52.View from Cameron Highlands Hotel 1992.  

53.Tana Rata sign post 1992.  

There is no photo 54

55.Main entrance BMH in Tanah Rata 1992.  

56.Rear of BMH Tana Rata 1992.  

57.Capt and Susan Hoyles gravestone in Taiping Cemetery 1992.  

58.L/Cpl David Naylor gravestone in Taiping Cemetery 1992.  

Bob re-visits Ipoh 1992  

59.Bob Byrne at Ipoh Station 1992.  

60.Ipoh platform to Tapah 1992.  

61.Ipoh Railway Station 01 1992.jpg  

62.Ipoh Railway Station 02 1992.jpg  

63.Ipoh Railway Station 03 with Wickham Trolley. 1992.  

64.Bob's house 1992.  

65.May be Stuart Baker's old house 1992.  

66.View of Ipoh from Excelcior Hotel toward the Kinta Valley and Kampar Road.jpg

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