"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Arnold Harris's Photos from Slim.

My thanks to Arnold for making these Photos available to me, so that I could share them with everyone. Unfortunately I am missing names from most of the photos, so if you can supply them please let me know. The above montage was produced by Arnold's son.

If anyone has loading problems please let me know


  Arnold Harris.  

Another boy.  


Nabin Chandra & Roger Goose.  

3 pupils. Army Ferret.  

Army Ferret & L/Cpl.  

Frank Simpson & ?? 

Greenwood, Jogin, Culrag, Chandra & Dickens.  

Gunclub #1  

Gunclub #2  

Helicopter Crash  

Group of pupils outside Hawkins Dorm.  

Mr Stokes. Reggie Thompson & Jim Rennie.  

School sign circa 1956.  

School Sign circa 1999.  

Woodwork Classroom.

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