"Upon the hill top stands a guiding light"

Welcome to David Wilmot's Photo's of Slim and Others.

Bill Montague. 1958  

Michael Wilmot circa 1961.  

Michael Wilmot circa 1960.  

Girl Guides 1961 'ish.  

Jack Tucker 1978 in Hong Kong.  

The Rock Pool 1999.  

The Rock Pool 1938. 

The School 1999. (small file70kb)  

The School 1999. (large file)  

Terry Read and the school 1999.  

The old hospital (BMH)  

The Smoke House 1999.  

Tanah Rata 1999.  

Anne Gordon.  

Carol Davidson post Slim.  

The Rock Pool 1964.

The Rock Pool 1997. 

The Old School Badge. 

The Old School 1997.

The Merlin Hotel 1997.  

Michael Eldridge 1958/59.  

 David Wilmot at Golf Course  

Manfred Eccles  

D Wilmot at Rock Pool  

The Rock Pool  

Manfred Eccles at Rock Pool  

??? on steps down to playing fields (perhaps on route for a quick smoke in the bushes!  

Preparing to go into jungle on a Duke of Edinburgh  

Having a rest on top of a mountain  

It's a long way up!  

The Wilmot Boys  

View of the Camerons  

Lower classrooms  

View of Top Quad View of top quad with cars  

View of top quad in 1995.  

View of Assembly Room in 1995.  

Rajah Brooke's Birdwing Butterfly  

School group photo July 1964.  

On route to church in upper quad.  

D Wilmot at gap in fence.  

View of dorms at Hopetown.  

AKC Globe Cinema.  

The Smoke House. 1997.  

1997 view of Tana Rata.

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